Best wordpress plugins update

Top WordPress Plugins March 2011

We have been working on the Top WordPress Plugins mindmap and are just about to do an update.

Here is the categorized list so far

1 Setup

1.1 Plugin Central

1.2 Dagon Design Sitemap Generator

See site: sitemap-generator-plugin-for-wordpress

2 Content

2.1 Photodropper

2.1.1 Download- Photodropper

See site: wordpress-plugin

2.2 Download- After the Deadline

See site: after-the-deadline

2.3 GD Star Rating

See site: gd-star-rating

2.4 WP-Polls

See site: wp-polls

2.5 WP Greet Box

See site: wp-greet-box

2.6 Post Ideas

See site: post-ideas

2.7 NextGEN Gallery-

See site: nextgen-gallery

2.8 Extended Live Archives

See site: extended-live-archive

2.9 Simple Tags

See site: simple-tags

2.10 Digital Fingerprint

See site: 25


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