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Applying Lessons Learned

Getting the ball rolling, again… First video post on how lead generation really works and the reality of social media marketing strategy    

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Social Voice and an update

Measuring your social voice: the organizational perspective. One of my clients is taking leaps and bounds and will be putting out at least a new site or a campaign each week. We have a roadmap of what we are going to do for the public and the media, have a team of social media specialists [...]

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Test system wide admin messaging 001

test system wide admin message broadcast

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Formatting and Distributing Content On Amazon Kindle

Try this WD: Kindle also accepts other formats such as .mobi. So you can just drag and drop into MobiPocket Desktop to convert it to an ebook for Kindle. A buddy Howard Aulsbrook suggests trying :

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Best wordpress plugins update

Top WordPress Plugins March 2011 We have been working on the Top WordPress Plugins mindmap and are just about to do an update. Here is the categorized list so far 1 Setup 1.1 Plugin Central 1.2 Dagon Design Sitemap Generator See site: sitemap-generator-plugin-for-wordpress 2 Content 2.1 Photodropper 2.1.1 Download- Photodropper See site: wordpress-plugin 2.2 Download- [...]

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Quick update and an allusion to Keyword Research

What a week! After my last few posts a bunch of people have gotten in touch and that has kept me… well busy. Everytime I start taking social action a whole bunch of new connections and possibilities open up. I have three posts on branding, and two on wordpress in the works for the week [...]

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Measurable Results from Social Media Marketing

Can you get measurable results ie leads from social and video marketing? The answer is yes! Video marketing and social media marketing can deliver leads fast. How do I know? I just got a lead today. How did i get my lead?  Using the methods outlined in the previous posts and a little bit of promotion. [...]

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Using Digg

Sometimes it is handy to promote content on your site using Digg. Digg is known as a social bookmarking site and enables you to share your content with it’s users. You can automatically add your RSS feeds to digg to get it automatically post your content. I just Digg! You should too.  follow me at [...]

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Why does Video Marketing Work?

Why video changes Everything Why is Video so Important to getting your message understood? Many experts have conducted studies to understand “the science” behind consumer preferences. So lets behind the data to see how this can effect your marketing campaigns. It’s true many people like to catch up on news and learn new things by [...]

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